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PeopleWitness presentation

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[En castellano]


The project Peoplewitness is a network of people reporting news on sociopolitical interest with the tools at our disposal: live streaming (video broadcast live on the internet) and we spread primarily through social networks.


Our operating dynamics is summarized in one simple phrase: "we all are peoplewitness." Anyone with a 3G mobile camera or a computer connected to the internet, can make a live broadcast. In the time that you label the broadcast with the hashtag #peoplewitness, we see the streamings through a monitoring system that we have created, we check and we spread through our networks.


In despite that there is a network of people who maintain the web and the social networks of the project, there is a non centralized organization, anybody can do streamings, organize workshops in your city to train other streamers, we give communicative support and we help them in this way to expand the project.


In conclusion, we could define Peoplewitness as the ability to learn and pass that learning as a method. A collective toolbox where what has been learned in a way can be relearned differently by another person.


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